Tropical Interiors Trend

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past 18 months or so, you have probably noticed the influx of palm leaves, pineapples, flamingos and exotic plants that have been popping all over the place. Yes, the tropical trend is here and it seems like it’s here to stay.

I am not one for big bold designs. I do love colour but I very rarely wear prints or incorporate big prints in my home. I am a bit taken but the tropical trend though, I guess it’s the beautiful rich colours  and some of the  fun designs around.

You don’t need to go over the top to enjoy it, you can also do it in a subtle way, so here below are my tips to style the tropical trend at home.

For the garden

When it comes to tableware, for al fresco dinning combine tropical prints pieces with plain ones. I love La Selva collection from John Lewis and I like the mix of leaf printed plates with plain ones.

Tropical trend Interiors

Introduce a mixture of natural elements like rattan and bamboo that are quite durable and will look great at this time of the year. Do not be afraid to introduce colour. I love these chairs from they are really trendy and will add up a splash of colour to any outdoor space.

Tropical Trend Interiors

Home furnishings

Team your cushions or curtains with neutral or white accessories. If you want to add splashes of colour, fuchsia really complements the bright greens of the tropical trends.

Tropical Trend in Interiors

Harlequin Cushion

 Tropical Trend Interiors

Charlotte Jade Cushion at Amara

If  you are thinking of using wallpaper to decorate your bedroom or living room, a feature wall will look fantastic. Again you will need to tone down the rest of the accessories so it doesn’t look like you are living in the jungle.

Tropical Trend Interiors

Matthew Williamson Green Tropicana Wallpaper

Tropical Trend Interiors

 Barneby Gates Wallpaper


Tropical style prints are all over the place at the moment. Choose gold or black frames and hang them against a plain wall. Prints are really easy to source nowadays, especially with places like Etsy and Not on the High Street offering quality artwork at reasonable prices. The best thing about it is that you can then update them as and when.

Tropical Trend Interiors

Tropical Art by Typsecret

tropical trend interiors

 Freya Defoe Print Not on the high street

If you haven’t  got a great budget just invest in plants, big plants always look well at home regardless of the time of the year.

These are my tips to style and incorporate the tropical trend at home. Remember, you might get tired of exotic plants and flamingos quite quickly so it’s better not to exceed the budget too much.

What do you think of the tropical trend?


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13 thoughts on “Tropical Interiors Trend

  1. So many beautiful vibrant colours. I'm loving flamingos at the moment, so that cushion is kinda my dream! The outdoor chair is awesome too, I have one very similar in a turquoise colour and it's so comfortable.
  2. I love those wallpaper prints. I don't think I'd be brave enough to use them on the walls, but they'd be perfect for a bit of upcycling :) #HomeEtc
  3. Oh I am the same,never one for bold prints anywhere. However, I am loving the pineapple thing that is going on at the moment, they seem to suit anything especially that pineapple wallpaper you have chosen.I also love the palm design on the John Lewis plates, just gorgeous xx #HomeEtc
  4. Hello Spanish Mummy Love the name, I didn't know there was a Spanish mummy out there. I so love this tropical objects. It's a nice way to have some sun in your house, especially with a cold and rainy day like today! These Harlequin cushion is just gorgeous... PicknMix
  5. LOVE this trend — and it works for every style of interior too. It can fit a really traditional setting — Laura Ashley's pineapple accessories spring to mind! — right through to really contemporary settings. I love the green chair especially!! :) Thanks for linking up Elena, Caro xx #HomeEtc
  6. I love the tropical theme, in fact I was admiring a pineapple cushion just the other day. And that chair is beautiful x
  7. Brilliant! I am not a huge fan of this trend because I don't like too much on my eyes but I love the palms and grasses and the pineapples! Maybe I will do it subtly! xx Thanks for sharing as ever. Jess xx#HomeEtc
  8. I like the tropical trend for outdoors I think it works really well. I wouldn't have thought about it in the house but the examples actually look really nice. Thanks for linking to #PicknMix
  9. I'm the same as you – not usually a huge one for bolds, I love soft pastels and neutrals – but I am super interested in this trend. Not sure I could live with pineapple wallpaper for very long though, so perhaps I'll admire other people's homes instead ;-)

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