Bellissima DIFFON Review

When it comes to hair dryers / diffusers for curly hair, the Bellissima Diffon is a strong contender. Bellissima is an Italian brand relatively unknown in the UK; in fact I think the Diffon was only launched here towards the end of 2020. I first heard about it a couple of years ago in Spain as it’s very popular there amongst curly girl groups. I had read mixed reviews about it so it took me a while to take the plunge and get one.

My thoughts about the Bellissima DIFFON diffuser

I’ve been using the Bellissima Diffon diffuser for while now and it’s been a game changer. My curls are really defined and look great.

First thing to note about it is that it’s very light and compact. The Bellissima Diffon is an all-in-one diffuser and hair dryer, therefore there is no need to attach it to a hair dryer. It’s got an ergonomic design that makes it really easy to hold when drying your hair. This is so much better than holding a hairdryer and huge diffuser for ages, especially if you have a lot of hair.

Bellissima DIFFON Review

I have medium to long hair and the 700W power is ok for me. Drying my hair doesn’t take much longer than with my older hair dryer. It’s really light, and much easier to move around my scalp than a conventional hair dryer.

The mixed reviews about the Bellissima Diffon are mainly about the temperature settings. There are only two settings: medium and hot. Hot air is not great for curly hair and it’s better to always use a cooler setting. This is why I was in two minds about buying this diffuser; I was worried it’d be too hot for my hair. I can honestly say that the cooler setting is not too hot for me so I don’t get any more frizz than using my normal hairdryer in a cool setting but I do get better definition. So it’s a no brainer.

Bellissima DIFFON Review

Wether you follow the curly girl method or just have curly hair, it’s worth getting a good diffuser. I can see the difference the Bellissima Diffon has done to the definition of my curls, not only are they more defined but I also have more volume.

A good diffuser or hair dryer is something worth investing in. At a price of £39.99 is not the cheapest out there but it’s not as expensive as some of the other popular high end hairdryers out there. It’s worth keeping an eye on Amazon as they frequently have good deals on the Bellissima Diffon

Have you ever tried the Bellissima Diffon dryer? What do you think of it?

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