A Beginners Guide to The Curly Girl Method

A Beginners Guide to The Curly Girl Method

It’s been over 2 years now since I first discovered the Curly Girl Method and it’s not only transformed my hair, but taught me to understand what products to use and which ones work better for me. Don’t get me wrong, my hair is by no means in perfect condition. I still have frizzy days and days where it’s completely…

Curly girl method before and after | My two year update

I can’t believe it’s been two years since I discovered the Curly Girl Method.  For so many years I struggled with my curly hair, tried endless products unsuccessfully, and never found any that helped with my frizz or improved my hair’s condition. I’m still amazed that until a couple of years ago I’ve never heard of the Curly Girl Method…

curly girl glycerin free

Curly Girl Method | Quick and easy routine for hot and humid weather

Hot weather and humidity are probably two of the things I dread most as a curly girl. Since I discovered the curly girl method nearly two years ago, I’ve started to understand more than ever how the change in temperature impacts my hair.  Living in London means humidity is always in the air but it feels worse in the summer.…

Only Curls London Review

Only Curls London Review

Only Curls London is one of those brands that has been constantly recommended to me since I started following the curly girl method. I’ve heard nothing but great reviews of their products, so was delighted when I had the opportunity to try them out. Only Curls London are one of the few companies out there whose products are all curly…

curly girl method clay

Curly girl method | Why I’m using clay masks

You’ve probably read the title of this post and think I’ve gone bonkers- curly girl method clay masks – what is she talking about?  It’s over a year an a half since I discovered the curly girl method and I have since tried many products, some with more success than others. The condition of my hair has improved drastically since…

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