The statement coat & over 40’s blogging

If anyone had told my teenage self that I’d be ditching black in favour of colour I’d never had believed it. Yes, it’s true, as a teenager growing up in the 80’s wearing black was the colour of choice. Fast forward many years and black has been abandoned in favour of colour. Reds, blues and greens are usually my colours of choice and I’m very rarely seen in black these days.

Statement coat & over 40's blogging

When it comes to outerwear I still try to avoid black but I don’t want to be too loud, maybe because deep down I’m a bit of an introvert and I don’t want to attract too much attention to myself.  This is why I love this coat from Stradivarius that I got recently. It’s got colour, but it’s not too bright. Fitted coats are always my preferred choice but a box style one is perfect for those winter months where a chunky knit underneath is needed. When investing in coats is always better to go for a timeless fit and style, something you can wear over and over again. Checks are in fashion at the moment but I know they will still look good in the years to come.

Keeping the rest of the outfit simple is key to not looking like a rainbow. Today I’m wearing it with my beloved Zara red jumper that I’ve had for a long time, one of those that you wish you had got in other colours. It’s great for the office but I also wear it a lot on the weekends.

Statement coat & over 40's bloggers

Those that know me in real life know how much I love handbags. Some people are shoe obsessed but I can’t help myself when it comes to bags. Here I’m wearing one of my newest ones, one I got for my birthday last month from Massimo Dutti. I love how it can be worn crossbody but also by holding the small handle. It’s smart enough for work but also good enough for the weekend while I’m out and about.

My plan this year is to publish more fashion posts, I’ve said before how much I love fashion and this is one of the reason I started this blog. The fashion and lifestyle blogging world is mainly dominated by young bloggers and there are not so many over-40’s out there. This is surprising as I believe there is a huge market for an older more mature readership that is still interested in fashion and wants to follow the latest trends. Blogs these days can offer a more real outlook on style than magazines, which sometimes showcase really expensive pieces.  Bloggers can be more relatable, whilst still producing great content with excellent photography.

Statement coat & over 40's blogging

Saying this I don’t want to pigeonhole myself as an over 40’s blogger, after all age is just a number right? I don’t think being over 40 defines me – there are many other things that do. I still love fashion as much as I did many years ago. In fact I probably know much better now what suits me and what I love and I have more money to spend than when I was in my 20’s.

I might not look as good as when I was in my 20’s, I have some more laughter lines but that is the reality of being mid 40’s and I am sure many readers out there will identify with this.

Why do you think there is not many over 40’s bloggers out there?


6 thoughts on “The statement coat & over 40’s blogging

  1. Go for it! I'm in my mid-30s and still love fashion. I'm working on the fashion part of my blog. As you said, there is a market for older women fashion bloggers. Let's make the most of it!
    1. Totally agree! I think the problem is confidence. I find it very hard to put myself out there but I love seeing real women I can relate to, so why not?
  2. I'll be 37 in a few months and it's really nice to see a blogger that I can identify with. So many younger bloggers either look airbrushed and like their photos have been shot by a total professional or edgy and alternative, yet with new clothes and the latest expensive makeup every single week. It's nice to see a blogger over 30 showing their personal style in a relatable way x
  3. Oh I don't know, I follow dozens and dozens of fashion bloggers over 40 on Instagram? I think one of the best things about social media is being able to seek out bloggers that are more relatable with the click of a hashtag. Even mainstream media outlets and huge brands are catching on to the fact. There has been loads of coverage in The Times, The Telegraph, Stella etc championing the fantastic over 40 influencers out there I think it's great. There's definitely a big trend for brands to use bloggers over 40 in promotional campaigns as models too. It made my day to see Kat from 'Does My Bum Look 40?' on a billboard in Leeds for a House of Fraser campaign, I've followed (and loved) her blog forever! I'm blabbering on now but what I'm trying to say is that you should DEFINITELY share more fashion posts if that's your thing! There are lots of us waiting to see them! x
    1. Thanks a lot for your comment. I know what you mean and I think the past year has been the year of the over 40's influencers but I still think there are not enough and the blogging world is dominated by under 30's. I'm sure, and hope this is the year of the over 40's

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