Playa del Silencio, a hidden gem in Northern Spain

I’m a bit torn when it comes to writing about Asturias -the region in Norther Spain where I am from.  On one hand I wish more people knew about this beautiful part of the world, but on the other I’m happy that is unspoilt and relatively unknown to the mass tourists.  There are beaches in Asturias to suit everybody, from town beaches to the most hidden, only known to the locals. Playa del Silencio is one of those that feature in many travel guides, not only is stunning but it’s also unspoilt due to it being relatively inaccessible.

We’ve just returned from a couple of weeks in my hometown,  Gijòn, visiting family.  Whenever we are there we love doing day trips so the kids can get to know the area a bit more. Visiting Playa del Silencio was unplanned as we were on a way somewhere else, and as we were in the area we decided to stop by and have a look. It was a great decision as we all loved it and we ended up spending the afternoon there.

It’s a beautiful beach and the views from the viewpoint in the cliffs on the way to the beach are stunning.  This is not a beach you will come across by chance as it’s not easy to find.  You will have to plan your visit in advance, but I can tell you it will be worth it!

Playa del Silencio is near the small village of Castañeras, 16kms away from the popular town of Cudillero in western Asturias. If you are visiting you will have to leave your car in Castañeras and walk, or there is also a small carpark or the option to park in the narrow road. There is a long walk downhill to the beach but it’s totally worth it as the views are stunning.  Be prepared for the walk back up though!

Playa del Silencio hasn’t got  any facilities, restaurants nearby or even toilets so this is something to have in mind. I guess it adds to the charm of it, right? It’s only 330 meters long and when the tide is high the beach completely disappears so it’s worth checking the tides before visiting. There is no fine sand here, but pebbles and rocks – these contribute to the beautiful green colour of the crystal waters.

Playa del Silencion, gorgeous beach in Asturias, Northern Spain

We were not brave enough to jump in the sea but it was very calm and inviting. After the long walk down to the beach we enjoyed sitting around taking in the views.

I’m glad we changed our plans that day and decided to visit Playa del Silencio, it was definitely worth the walk and I’m sure we will go back again.

Looking forward to returning to Asturias later in the year and do some more exploring.




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