Only Curls London Review

Only Curls London is one of those brands that has been constantly recommended to me since I started following the curly girl method. I’ve heard nothing but great reviews of their products, so was delighted when I had the opportunity to try them out. Only Curls London are one of the few companies out there whose products are all curly girl approved.  Not only this, but they are also vegan. The design and packaging are very cute, and the bottles are recyclable which is great for sustainability and the environment.

For the past few weeks I’ve been using the hydrating curl cream and enhancing curl gel and these are my thoughts.

Only Curls London Review

Hydrating Curl Cream

Only Curls London Hydrating Curl Cream smells amazing, with quite a refreshing scent. It has a special blend of Shea Butter, Marula Oil and Aloe Leaf Juice that naturally replenishes moisture, and restores curls back to their original pattern.

The Hydrating Curl Cream is very light, with a runny consistency making it easy to apply. I’d never used a curl cream before so wasn’t sure what to expect, or if it’d really make a huge difference to my hair. A little bit of the curl cream was enough to give my hair nice clumps and no frizz – some products make my hair frizzy straight away even when wet. It’s recommended to apply the curl cream to just- cleaned and conditioned wet hair, then spread evenly and scrunch into curls.

The cream has also been great to refresh my hair between washes and helps with definition.

Only Curls London Review

Only Curls London Hydrating Curl Cream Ingredients

Marula Oil –  Rich in essential fatty acids, vitamin C, vitamin E and flavonoids. This luxurious oil nourishes the hair inside and out. The lightweight nature of the oil offers fast absorption and moistures hair without flattening or leaving the curls greasy.

Shea Butter – A natural conditioner for hair, excellent for locking in moisture and keeping curls protected against the weather.

Aloe Leaf Juice – Consisting of water, 20 minerals, 12 vitamins, 18 amino acids, and 200 phyotonutrients, Aloe is a great natural product for restoring curl health and strength. It is a natural conditioning agent, that adds shine and leaves hair silky smooth.

Only Curls London Review

Only Curls London

Only Curls London

Enhancing curl gel

Just like the curl cream, the Enhancing Curl Gel smells amazing.  In fact, I can still smell it hours after applying it. It has a runny texture, unlike other gels I’ve tried, which initially made me wonder how much hold it’d really have. The gel does in fact have a strong hold although I’d like it to have a bit more hold for my hair. It doesn’t leave my hair feeling sticky nor too heavy for me, which is always a worry when having fine hair.

The curl cream alongside the gel have given my hair great definition and volume, my hair is really shiny and it feels really soft.

Only Curls London Review

Only Curls London Enhancing Curl Gel Ingredients

Kukui Oil –  Rich in essential fatty acids and amino acids that easily penetrate the hair, this oil keeps curls moisturized, nourished and healthy. It’s an effective leave in conditioner for the hair capable of restoring moisture and imparting more gloss and shine.

Avocado Oil – Packed with antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and essential fatty acids. These nutrients promote fabulous hair from the inside and outside. This oil helps seal the cuticle, locking in moisture and shine, while preventing breakage.

Aloe Leaf Juice – Consisting of water, 20 minerals, 12 vitamins, 18 amino acids, and 200 phytonutrients, Aloe is a great natural product for restoring curl health and strength. It is a natural conditioning agent, that adds shine and leaves hair silky smooth.

My hair has low porosity and likes light products – anything too heavy wears it down.  So Only Curls London is the perfect brand for me. Remember, it’s all about trial and error, what works for me might not work for you and vice-versa. When trying something new, I always start adding small quantities and add more as I go along should I need to. Product application is very important, and I always apply styling products to soaking wet hair and try to leave them on for a while before drying.

If you are looking for natural products that are also vegan you should give Only Curls London a try. You don’t necessarily need to be following the curly girl method to use them, they are great for anyone that wants to maintain healthy and shiny hair.

Only Curls  London are offering one of my readers the chance to win a bottle of the hydrating curl cream and a bottle of the enhancing curl gel. Simply enter via Rafflecopter below.


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Giveaway ends Midnight on the 19th May and is open only to UK residents.

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Prize supplied directly from Only Curls London

64 thoughts on “Only Curls London Review

  1. I have always struggled to find a natural product that I can use on my curly hair to give me confidence to leave it curly rather than either keeping it shorter or constantly styling it with the problem of frizz control on holiday or damp conditions and damage to hair I would love to have a giveaway of your products to trial them before purchasing the full range
  2. What a fab prize! Perfect to take my curly hair... I have been straightening them to keep tamed. These would bring out the luscious curls
  3. I have completely fallen out of love with my hair. I used to love my curls, now I'm finding my hair move wavy and frizzy. I am desperate to find a product that makes me fall in love with my hair again
    1. Good luck! You should really check the curly girl method then, it will make a huge difference to you hair's condition
  4. Lovely prize, I'd love to try these (I'll have to hide them from my sisters when they come to visit!)
  5. I have frizzy curls so I am always looking for something to tame my locks! Would love to try this

  6. Looks a good animal friendly product- on their web site they state “All items are tested on our own curls (not animals)” which is a great statement

  7. I’m so fed up of wasting money on fake products , Tried and tested, yours is the only one that works on my hair. Keep up your brilliant work !

  8. I currently use boucleme and it’s amazing would love to try this product and see how it compares.

  9. I LOVE the look of this stuff! I'm a natural curly tot and really fancy giving this a go! x
  10. I keep hearing about the Curly Girl Method. I really need to look in to it as my hair is a nightmare!

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