Easter Bank Holiday Weekend | My Weekly Round Up

Hello, how are you? Today was the first day back at work after the long bank holiday weekend and I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t looking forward to it. Getting up in the morning was a struggle, and I’m not just talking about the kids… It was great to have four days off and even better as the sun was shining.

We’ve had a full on weekend, starting with a trip to my in-laws in the Midlands to pick up my youngest, Leo, who was spending the week there. My boys love spending time with their grandparents, there’s a huge garden where they can run around, have a chance to play with their cousins, and are out and about all the time.  After all, that’s what grandparents are for, right? The rest of the weekend was spent al fresco eating and drinking with friends in London.

This week we’ve also….

Visited rapeseed fields

We found the most amazing rapeseed fields opposite my in-laws place, so we popped over to take some pictures. This is such a great time of the year with flowers in full bloom. It was quite impressive to be in the middle of a huge field surrounded by beautiful and colourful flowers.

Rapeseed Fields

Rapeseed Fields

Ate tons of chocolate

I feel like I’ve probably eaten my own body weight in chocolate this past week!  Together with not very healthy eating, barbecues and the first Pimms of the season, my work trousers felt a bit tight this morning! I’ve got six weeks til I go on a sunshine break so I’m going to try and eat super healthy from now on. It’s hard though not to eat chocolate at this time of the year, we have lot’s left over, so it will be difficult to resist temptation

Walked in the bluebell woods

We are lucky enough to have a bluebell wood very close to our house which we love visiting every year. It’s been getting busier and busier over the years and it’s now a very popular spot especially with photographers. Last year we visited a bit late, after the bluebells were past their best, so I was determined to make it on time this year. We visited yesterday and they were perfect, it’s always an amazing sight to see so many purple flowers in the woods. If you have any bluebell woods near you I really recommend you visit them as they are a gorgeous sight.

Bluebell woods

Bluebell woods

Bluebell woods

Bluebell woods

So this was my week, enjoying the sunshine and surrounded by flowers. Hope you had a great one!

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