My holiday essentials

As you read these lines I’ve probably be sunning myself in Spain.  I always intend to be super organised and pack weeks before going on holiday, but the reality is very different. As a working mum I never seem to have much time and to be fair packing is something I end up leaving to the last minute every single time.

There are certain things though that I always make into my suitcase – they are my essentials for a summer holiday.


The older I get the more conscious I am about the damage the sun can do to my skin. When I was younger I wanted to tan quickly and if I’m honest I didn’t always wear sun cream. I now regret this, I’m sure I’d have less wrinkles if I had been more careful when I was younger. I also have a few dark spots in my face which are caused by the sun. My children are lucky, they have inherited my Mediterranean skin, but still we all use Factor 50 sun cream. I have been using Ambre Solaire for many years and I love how it’s non greasy and suitable for the whole family.

On my face I use La Roche Posay Anthelios XL.  It’s got a very light, gel like texture. It’s absorbed really quickly and doesn’t leave my face feeling greasy. It also helps prevent those sun induced pigment spots I was talking about earlier. I might start wearing this in the winter as it’s got an SPF of 50+

Holiday Essentials

This year I’ve decided to give Saint Tropez gradual tan a go. I’ve seen great reviews in other bloggers pages and the idea of gradual tanning is quite appealing. No orange stains on clothes and a tan you can build up over time.  Sounds perfect, right?


Everybody that knows me well knows how much I love a bag. I can’t really help myself and this summer so far I could have bought a few basket bags if I hadn’t stopped myself. I always pack a big summer handbag -cause we all have summer and winter bags, right? It can double up as a beach bag, a smaller bag and a clutch. I’d take lots more with me if I had space but unfortunately there are four of us travelling and we never have a great bag allowance.

Holiday Essentials


We have been very spoilt in the UK the past couple of months. The weather has been gorgeous so I’ve been wearing – and buying – dresses non stop. I love wearing dresses on holiday, they don’t take too much space in the suitcase and they are perfect for the beach but also, with the right accessories, for going out.

Next, Warehouse and Zara are my favourite places to shop for dresses. Primark is great for beach dresses and cover ups that are not expensive and their quality is not too bad.

Holiday Essentials

the little white dress


I usually purchase my bikinis from Spanish brand Oysho (one of Zara’s sister companies). I find their quality is great and they are reasonably priced. I recently won a voucher on an online giveaway to spend in UK Swimwear, so I got myself a bikini with a gorgeous print. It’s a bit pricier than what I’d usually go for but you you can see how much better the quality is when you spend a bit more money. I hope it lasts me many summers. And yes, maybe I haven’t got the figure I had pre children, but still happy wearing bikinis.

Holiday Essentials

These are my summer essentials. What are yours?

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