The little white dress

I love wearing dresses in the summer.  Not only they are practical -on those 2 days of hot weather we have- but they also look very stylish. White seems to be the colour of this season, and who doesn’t love a little white dress? I’m always a bit worried about wearing white for many reasons, the main one being having young kids that like to clean their hands on me, and let’s face it, I’m a bit of a messy eater myself. However white looks great in the summer or on holiday with a bit of a tan.

the little white dress

the little white dress

There are so many choices in the high street at the moment that is really hard to chose the perfect little white dress. I spotted this in Next’s website a while ago and it really ticks a lot of boxes for me. I love the shape and style, and it even has pockets! It’s also lined, which means it’s not see through – as it’s usually the case with a lot of white dresses- and the lining gives it a heavier, better quality feel.

the little white dress

the little white dress

As I’ve mentioned in the past, I’m trying to be a better shopper these days. Buy less, but better quality or invest in pieces that will stand the test of time and I believe this dress will be one of those. Brodeire anglaise will never look dated. It’s a style that gives an outfit a summery, delicate feel.

When wearing a little white dress you can either keep your look simple or you can add a bit of colour with accessories. I love wearing big chunky earrings when I’m on holiday and these orange ones from Zara compliment the outfit perfectly.

the little white dress

Next is becoming one of my favourite places to shop in the high street. Always on trend, and every season they have a few key items that are perfect wardrobe staples.

Will you be wearing a white dress this summer?


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  1. I won't be wearing a white dress, but I have a maxi white skirt that has also stood the test of time. I believe I've had it for 12 years! I always pair it with a black top and black sandals to create an eye-popping look.

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