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Last year I wrote a post about my loft conversion plans – you can read it here – and finally our building work will start in the next couple of weeks. I’m equally excited and daunted. Excited because I love the idea of all the planning and designing the room and en-suite, and daunted because I hate the idea of living surrounded by mess and dust.

Now, I haven’t got a huge house, it’s a 30’s end terrace so the bedroom and en-suite are not going to be huge. I will have to be very careful with the furniture so it doesn’t completely fill the space and make it look even smaller.

First on my list to plan is my en-suite. I’m going for a contemporary, modern look with a luxe feel.  I’m in love with Moroccan dandelion tiles for the floor, and I have my heart set on these. It’s been a bit tricky to source them as there only seem to be a couple of places that stock them in the UK. (These are the stockists I’ve found in case you are interested:  Best Tile UKMosaic Del Sur & Handmade Margate ) You can find these tiles in a variety of colours but I really like the green ones and I think they will be a real focal point for the en-suite.  Metro tiles will be used for the walls, we might just tile the area around the shower and paint the rest of the walls.

en-suite inspiration1. Dandelion Style tiles | 2. Round Mirror |3. Metro Tiles | 4. Concealed Shower | 5. Vanity Unit

A round mirror will add a stylish and functional touch to the en-suite. Mirrors reflect light and if hang in the right place will make a room look larger than it is, which will be useful in my small space. Something else that I’m thinking about is a demister mirror, cause there is nothing more annoying that jumping out of the shower and find a fogged mirror.

We wanted to have his & hers sinks but after measuring the room again we realised there wasn’t enough space and will have to stick to just a single one. Finding a vanity unit is a bit of a minefield; there are so many choices out there that it’s really difficult to narrow them down. I love the recent trend of vanity units with drawers instead of doors. They look quite stylish and hopefully the won’t date too soon. Another popular option at the moment is to use a sideboard and convert it into a vanity unit. That could work for me but I’m not sure how easy it will be to make. I’m not 100% decided on the colour but I think a dark wood would look good with the tiles I have chosen.

Years ago the only choice of taps and shower fittings- at least for domestic world- was chrome. These days brass, and more recently black, seem to be everywhere. I’d love black taps but I’m afraid London’s hard water might make them really hard to clean so not sure they’d be practical. Brass taps are also in my wish list but they seem to be quite hard to find and also quite pricey. My concern with brass taps is that they might look really dated in a few years time.

A concealed shower head and valves will add that luxe style I’m aiming to achieve. They also  provide a sleek and minimalist look and there are no pipes or hoses sticking out. I love the idea of a square shower head as it gives the illusion of cascading water and makes you feel like you are in a luxury hotel.

These are my plans for my en-suite. As you can see I’m still quite undecided on a lot of things but I will have to make my mind up quite quickly. Watch this space and keep an eye for more renovation posts to come.

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