I’m a finalist in Britmums Brilliance in Blogging Awards

I have some very exciting news! I’m a finalist in the prestigious Brilliance in Blogging Awards  in the Fashion & Beauty category. I’m absolutely delighted as Britmums is the UK’s largest and most influential network of Lifestyle bloggers and Social influencers so being a finalist is totally amazing.

Brilliance in blogging awards

In a world dominated by twenty something and thirty something bloggers I feel very proud that me, a mum of two in my late forties, has made it to the finalist list, especially in something I love so much as fashion and beauty.

I’m not by any means a model, nor pretend to be, but I hope with this blog I can inspire other women my age out there to enjoy fashion and realise that they can still wear anything they want. Being over 40 doesn’t mean you have to wear beige or disappear into a corner. You can still be bold and wear whatever makes you feel good.

Brilliance in blogging award

I’d be very grateful if you could spare 2 minutes of your time to vote for me. The rest of the blogs in the fashion & beauty category are all pretty amazing so competition is fierce. Being a winner would be incredible not just for me but also for all the over 40’s out there that are fashion conscious. I’d love to see more and more over 40’s bloggers being successful and show that we can still have a presence today’s digital age.

Please vote for me by clicking here



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