Green People Age Defy+ Range Review

My skincare routine changes quite a bit during the winter months.  Central heating and cold weather mean that my skin is extremely dry and it craves rich, nourishing products.  Now that I’m in my late 40’s I’m keen to try products tailored for “mature skin” – whether  I like it or not my skin is not the same it was when I was in my 20’s.  Green People recently sent me a few products to try from their organic Age Defy + range which are perfect for this time of the year.

Green People’s Age Defy range was is created for women aged 35+ with youth boosting botanicals and plant actives. It promises to target uneven pigmentation (this is my biggest problem), reduce cell breakdown and diminish wrinkles.  The range combines beauty enhanced plant actives creating blends that work in harmony to bring the skin back into balance.

Green Organics


As an getting older I’m  more selective of the products I use for my hair and skin. I love those with a luxurious feel, but I’m also keen to use organic and cruelty free products, which is why I was keen to try Green People’s Age Defy+ range.

Green People Age Defy Ultimate Wonder Balm £32

I’ve never tried a beauty balm before and I wasn’t really sure whether I’d like it or not, but I can safely confirm it’s currently my favourite beauty product.  The Ultimate Wonder Balm is a bit of an all rounder; it can be used as a cleanser to melt away make up, to protect cracked lips, or soothe dry skin anywhere.

So far I have only used it as a cleanser and I love it. It leaves my skin feeling really clean and fresh. It’s lightly scented with Jasmine, Champak Flower and Orange Peel which smell amazing and not too overpowering.  It’s the perfect product to use at the end of the day, leaving your skin nourished.

Green Organics

Green People Age Defy Hydra Glow Sleep Mask £32

An extremely hydrating leave-on sleep mask to quench thirsty skin, drawing on a unique blend of antioxidant-rich plant actives, vitamins and omega oils to stimulate collagen production, regenerate, balance and purify skin.

The scent contains  a blend of citrus notes  to aid a restful sleep. Anything that helps me unwind and relax  before going to sleep is a winner in my eyes.  I seem to have lots of things on my mind and even though I love my sleep it always takes me a while to  actually fall asleep.  Do I think the mask has made a difference? I’m not sure yet, but the lovely scent is a great relaxing one to use just before getting into bed.

It’s extremely rich without being greasy, and absorbs really easily. It’s the perfect mask to avoid dull dry skin. It’s certainly one I will be using this winter to help my dehydrated skin.

Green People AntiAgeing

Green People Age Defy Pure Luxe Body Oil £25

I’m going to be very honest,  I’ve never been too keen on body oils.  Even though my skin is extremely dry I’ve always used moisturizing creams instead of oils. However I’m a bit of a convert since using the amazing organic Pure Luxe Body Oil. It does exactly what you want from an oil, it absorbs really easily and leaves the skin nicely hydrated and nourished. Scented with essential oils including pomegranate and neroli, it really feels like a treat on the skin.

Green Organics

Green Organics

Disclaimer: I was sent these products by Green People in exchange of a review but all photographs and opinions are all my own.

Green People Age Defy+ Review

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