The budget £25 coat

I believe there are certain wardrobe staples that are worth investing in. Good quality, classic cut and styles that will stand the test of time and that you will wear again and again. However I also love a bargain, who doesn’t? I could not believe my eyes when I spotted this coat in Primark a couple of weeks ago. A winter coat for £25? Oh yes, I will have one, thanks. Not only had it an impressive price tag but it’s also in my favourite colour, red.


Red is the colour of this season. Earthy colours seem to always be more favoured at this time of the year but there is nothing like bright colours to cheer a cold, gloomy day. Red is one of those colours that looks good all year round and not just in the summer so why not wear it all the time?


There are things I always look for when buying a coat, length – as I’m quite short so I need to be careful and choose something that won’t look too long on me and shape – I always favour a well fitted style.

Red coats -or any other brightly coloured ones – are easier to wear than you think. If you are scared of colour you can wear them with a plain black outfit underneath or a breton top like the one I’m wearing on these pictures. You can also go bold and style it with something colourful.


Yes, this is a budget coat but don’t be fooled by the price. The cut and shape are really nice and it actually looks more expensive than it is. It goes to show that you don’t really need to spend a fortune to look stylish. And yes, when you spend £25 on a coat it might not last you  many years but a read coat will never go out of fashion, at least for me.


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