Beauty Pie Subscription Review & Discount Code

It seems a bit frivolous to talk about beauty when the whole world is going through a pandemic and our lives are completely different to how there were earlier this year.  However it’s good to discuss something other than COVID and try to keep life as normal as possible.

Beauty Pie is a brand I’ve been keen to try for a while, always having read rave reviews in the press and through friends that are members. I finally took the plunge and became a member earlier in the year, and I love all the products I’ve bought so far.

Beauty Pie

What is Beauty Pie?

Beauty Pie is a luxury beauty members club, and offers top quality products at factory prices. Their products are manufactured in the same factories as the high-end luxury cosmetic brands, and by cutting out the middle men and avoiding retailer mark up they can sell luxury products for much less that you would normally pay at beauty counters.

They offer super-competitive prices compared to other high-end brands, Up to 80% less!

Beauty Pie

Beauty Pie

How does Beauty Pie work

You pay a monthly membership, allowing you to shop their factory prices. You  get a monthly spending allowance depending on your chosen membership level, and the best thing is that any unused allowance rolls over to the following month.

A £5 monthly membership gives you up to £50 monthly spending limit

A £10 monthly membership gives you up to £100 monthly spending limit

A £20 monthly membership gives you up to £200 monthly spending limit

A £99 annual membership gives you up to £100 monthly spending limit

Beauty Pie

The monthly/annual fee gives you access to their products, and you then have to pay for the product itself,  keeping to your spending limit.  It might sound a bit complicated but believe me, it’s actually very straight forward in practice.

I’ve been a Beauty Pie member for a few months now and I’m pretty impressed with their products.  To be honest when I first joined I wasn’t sure how long I’d keep my membership for. I’m trying to be a more mindful, better shopper and not buy for the sake of it.  So I’m not shopping every month and when I do, I buy products I really want to try.  After all, there are so many moisturizing creams you can have!

Beauty Pie Products

Every Beauty Pie member gets a referral link. If you use  a referral link you’ll get your first month of membership free. You can use my link here. For transparency, if you use my referral link I will get a £50 top-up to add to my membership allowance.

What do you think of Beauty Pie? Are you a member?

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