The jumpsuit, my new favourite summer item

I am quite short, so finding the right length trousers or maxi dresses is always a challenge. Things like jumpsuits are usually out of the question for the same reason unless they are from a petite range, and let’s face it, petite ranges out there are not great, are they? Fear not, from time to time I find something that fits, something that I wouldn’t usually even give a second look in the shops but it actually looks really good on, like this jumpsuit from Monsoon. When I first spotted it I thought I’d try it on as it didn’t look too long. And to my surprise it fits just right, sitting above my ankle as it’s three quarter length.


Monochrome is not something I’m keen on. I am more of a bold colour girl. My wardrobe is full of reds, blues and greens, with the occasional white top and of course black trousers, so I was a bit unsure of the black and light grey combination, but it actually works well.

Jumpsuits are great for the summer and they are really versatile. With the right accessories they can be dressed up or down. I’ve been wearing this one during the day with wedges and a casual bag, but it’d also look great with high heels and a clutch for a night out.

This jumpsuit is perfect in so many ways. The horizontal stripes are ideal for those of us that are not too tall, as they elongate they body and make us look a bit taller, and the belt accentuates the waist and gives a more flattering, streamlined silhouette.

Wearing a  colourful bag with the jumpsuit breaks the monochrome look and gives it a casual vibe.



I’m sure I will be wearing this jumpsuit a lot in the coming months. It will even look good with a blazer once the weather gets cooler but in the meantime we will just hope for warmer weather!

Are you a jumpsuit lover?


3 thoughts on “The jumpsuit, my new favourite summer item

  1. Love this jumpsuit so much! I have basically the same one but Navy/White stripes, its so cute and perfect for summer.xoxo
  2. It looks so great on you, I never get jumpsuits as I am to short but I will check Monsoon out x

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