Swoon Editions Seymour nest of tables

If you are a regular reader of the blog you probably know we had a living room revamp earlier this year. We are really pleased with the end result and it was way much better than expected. The living room is now a really cosy space and we love spending time in it.

The only thing we had missing was a table. We had been looking for a coffee table, or a nest of tables for months. Everything we saw was either too expensive, too big or not really suited for the room. I kept changing my mind about what I wanted -anyone else the same? I guess these days with internet shopping the choices are endless so it’s harder to make a decision

A few weeks ago we came across the Seymour Side Tables from Swoon Editions and decided to go for them. A nest of tables with a glass top and  hand-painted frames with an antiqued brass effect.

Nest of tables

The tables arrived last week and we love them. I must admit that I hadn’t measured them properly before ordering them and they are a tiny bit lower that expected, but they look great.  They are not huge, which means we can easily move them around the room and the brass effect means they look really modern.  The glass tops come off, which makes it easier to clean them.

Nest of tables
Nest of tables

At the moment the tables are sitting by one of my chairs with a few festive decorations on top. My little advent calendar candle, a Christmas dish and a little Christmas tree. Just a couple of little bits but they look perfect on the tables -appropriate for this time of the year.

Nest of tables

A nest of tables is the perfect option for small spaces. They can easily be tucked away in a corner, they are  also light and easy to move. These tables look much more expensive than they are. They retail at £199 in the Swoon Editions website, but I think I had a discount code so I paid a bit less.

Nest of tables

6 thoughts on “Swoon Editions Seymour nest of tables

  1. I got this too as a bedside table and they are a bit low but they look good!. Plus because they are light-framed and made of glass they give a visual impression of space. Perfect!Only thing is I bought them in May and only got them a couple of weeks ago! Swoon editions does things in batches and it can take forever...Still love them though.....
  2. They're absolutely gorgeous Elena!! I always think of 'nest of tables' as quite a retro thing but these are SO modern!! I love them! Wishing you a very merry Christmas — look forward to seeing you for more #HomeEtc next year!! xx

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