The perfect coffee table

If you are a regular reader  of this blog you have probably seen my living room revamp, here. The room is nearly finished but there are still a few things I need to get, like artwork, new cushions and a coffee table.

At the moment I have an old Ikea coffee table that I´ve had for about 10 years, it has really seen better times, and it’s now a bit too big for our current living room.  My idea is to get a small table or nest of tables that we can put to one  side whenever we don’t need them or whenever we have people round.

I really don’t want a coffee table that is too expensive -I do have young children after all, and even if they have a room to play in they still spend a bit of time in the living room.

1/ Dwell Lift Up Compact Coffee Table

I really like this table, it´s quite compact and it has a bit of storage space which is perfect for hiding remote controls, coasters, etc. I also love the metal legs, they make the table look very modern, I think this will be perfect for my living room.

This table is £249

Searching for a coffee table

2/ Oliver Bonas Nest of  3 Tables

Searching for a coffee table

I just love everything in Oliver Bonas, it’s one of my favourite shops at the moment. This nest of tables come in a pink colour too. I have magnolia walls and I want to put a bit of colour using accessories, so this will be a perfect choice.

I popped to an OB store earlier this week to see if they had either model in stock  and they didn’t but  I was very impressed when they offered to order both for me so I could see what they looked like with no obligation to buy.

3/ Zara Home Round coffee table

This is a beautiful table, nice, simple and really smart. My only worry is that the top is made of glass and I am not sure how that will cope with my two boys.  I will always be a bit worried about them breaking the table or getting hurt if they break it. Still I really like the style and I think it would fit really nicely with the modern look I want to achieve.

This is £129.99


Searching for a coffee table

4/ Habitat Kilo Nest of tables

Searching for a coffee table

You can see there is a bit of a trend here right? The Habitat table is also very similar to the Oliver Bonas one, although this one is square instead of being round. This Habitat table is also much cheaper than the Oliver Bonas one as it is now reduced to £60




So these are some of my ideas for coffee tables, what do you think? Have you got any other suggestions? Do you like any of these?



10 thoughts on “The perfect coffee table

  1. I really like the Zara table with the glass top. Maybe you could get some safety film to put over the top for safety. The nest of tables are cute too, I like that they are coloured, it adds a modern twist to a traditional style #HomeEct
    1. I think the Zara one is beautiful and maybe as you say I could put something over the top, need to investigate the options
  2. The Dwell coffee table looks like a more affordable version of those lustworthy ones on west elm, great pick :)
  3. I'm looking for a coffee table too, it's a minefield! So thanks for sharing your choices. For me a friend has recommended this one from La Redoute: (sorry, long link) and I think it would work well in your room too as the walnut would go with your blinds. Only trouble is I think you need to see a coffee table in the flesh before buying - I had a few earmarked to look at in IKEA today, and they turned out to be completely different (in my opinion) to what I'd envisaged from online. Best of luck choosing, looking forward to seeing what you pick. #HomeEtc
    1. Thanks, never thought of checking in La Redoute. I agree with you, I think for these type of things you really need to see them before buying as you can end up being a bit disappointed otherwise
  4. I've seen an amazing one from MADE that I *almost* bought last year!!! It almost looked like a palette on wheels — I loved it but couldn't justify the expense at the time!! `I'm not even sure that they do it anymore, which would be such a shame!! Thanks so much for linking up with us Elena — lovely to have you! :) #HomeEtc

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