My living room makeover

We moved to our house a bit more than 5 years ago, at the time we had an 11 month old baby and we were adamant we didn’t want a project so we bought a house that was in perfect condition.

The house had been renovated by the previous owners but for some reason they never touched the living room, they just never spent any time in it, so it really was in need of attention.

A few months ago we decided it was time to tackle the room and do all the changes we had been thinking of doing for years. The living room was really not very inviting, it had a modern “hole in the wall ” fireplace and a really old and tatty carpet, it was really in need of a makeover.

Living room makeover

First thing we did was give the room a fresh lick of paint, removed the carpet and put wooden floors. It’s amazing how different it looked just with that.

In our back room we have a lovely Victorian fireplace and we really wanted a similar one for the living room, after a lot of discussions we decided to go for a marble surround, which is more expensive but as we are not planning to move any time soon we thought it’d be worth the investment.

Living room makeover

Next thing on the list was to get a carpenter to build some shelves and cupboards in the alcoves, this is something I’d wanted to do for ages as I think it makes rooms look tidier. A friend recommended a carpenter and he was fantastic, he did exactly what we wanted and took about a week to build what we wanted.

Living room makeover

My main idea was to have accents of colour in the room, the walls are cream and the sofas chocolate brown, so I want to add colour with some of the accessories. This is the reason why I got a stripey rug, I think it works perfectly in the living room, it’s very colourful and really beautiful.

living room makeover

So, this is more or less our end result, we still have a few things to do, I have started moving a few bits and pieces into the built in shelves but I don’t want to clutter them too much just yet!

Living room makeover

Living Room makeover

As we already have a playroom, we wanted the living room to be a child free area, a room where we could chill or catch up with friends and I think we have achieved that, don’t you think so?

Living room makeover

Living Room makeover

Next on my list is to get some nice cushions, I want to get some luxury ones but I can’t decide which ones. I’d also like some colourful wall art as my walls are a looking a bit bare and a new coffee table.

What do you think of my living room makeover?

25 thoughts on “My living room makeover

  1. Just wow! What a transformation! I'm not keen on the modern minimalist style and much prefer a bit of traditional, period charm. Your cupboards and fireplace are gorgeous! x
  2. I can't believe it is the same fireplace. You did an amazing job of making it look more in tune with your style. It has tons more character than before and the addition of the cabinets really makes the room complete.
  3. Wow! I love that fireplace! You definitely made the right choice, it's so beautiful and striking. It looks like a lovely room, very elegant and stylish but relaxed too - perfect for a grown up sitting room. #HomeEtc
  4. You've done a fabulous job - the floor, fireplace and alcove cupboards have really transformed the room! SofaSofa have some really good quality cushions, very good prices too (I don't work for them! I was just impressed with them!) #HomeEtc
    1. Totally agree, I love wooden floors. The old carpet was so old and worn that it was not a nice sight!
    1. Yes, we are really pleased, it was just a boring plain room beforehand. The transformation is quite amazing
  5. The fireplace has made the WORLD of difference hasn't it? Such a great choice — I love it!! You've made some really lovely changes — I bet you're thrilled with the transformation! Thanks so much for linking up with us!! xx #HomeEtc
    1. Thanks, yes it's made a huge difference. It used to be really scruffy and it's now a great room to be in

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