My first 6 months of blogging

It has been nearly 6 months since I started my blog, 6 months, how did that happen?


I have thoroughly enjoyed my blogging time so far although I find it hard to keep on top of it, work full time and spend time with my boys. This is one of the reasons why my blog is not updated on a regular basis.

I never realised how much work it is involved in creating and maintaing a blog, being a blogger means you also need to be:

Web Developer –  Setting up a blog is not easy, even the “easy” templates / themes need a lot of tweaking and changing and adapting to your taste. Changing something is not easy and as straight forward as you might think. I have been struggling with this but over the past couple of months I have managed to do nearly all the changes I wanted.

Photographer –  Personally I love a blog with good pictures. It is usually the main thing that attracts me to read a blog. I love photography so this hasn’t been very difficult for me and I can only hope that my photography  improves as the blog develops.

Graphic Designer – This is one of the things I enjoy the most, deciding what to add and where to in the blog. I have so many ideas, but again is not very easy if you are a beginner.

Social Media Manager – Keeping up with social media is hard if you work, but it has to be done if you want to get your blog across. Instagram is my favourite social media platform, I don’t post as often as I should but I can spend lot’s of hours browsing through it.

So, all in all my blog is a work in progress, I guess there are always things to change and update.  I keep changing my mind about the layout and theme and if it was easy I’d been changing it every other week.

Are you a blogger? How do you find the technical aspects of maintaining the blog? Any bloggers out there that work full time, how do you keep up?


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8 thoughts on “My first 6 months of blogging

  1. Happy 6 months of blogging. I've been blogging for 7 months now and it's gone so fast. You're right it is all of those things isn' it. It's amazing how many hats you need to juggle and how a bloggers work is never done. Here's to the next 6 months! xx #thelist
  2. Great post! Totally agree that maintaining a blog is challenging when you have a young family and you work full time. It can be so easy to get a little obsessed with it all at times, particularly when you are new and there is so much to learn. But dont worry, it will come with time. Its a constant learning curve, but in a good way. I've been blogging for just under 2 years now and im still learning lots all the time! Keep it up because you're doing a great job so far :-) Emily #TheList
  3. Happy Half Birthday Blogging! I am almost there too. I've been blogging for 5 months now. I know exactly what you mean. So so so much to learn. Even though I am a stay-at-home-mum, I still feels overwhelmed at times - actually all the time! But I really enjoys it and that's what keeps me going. Well done for what you have achieved so far! :) xx

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