Herman Miller Mirra 2 Chair Review

Herman Miller is to furniture design what Chanel is to design: luxury, design and quality.

Herman Miller is a US based company that has been around since the early 1900’s. Since then they have become synonymous with  “modern” furniture, working with legendary designers and they have produced pieces that have become classics of industrial design.  In addition to their classic pieces and new designs for the home, Herman Miller is a recognised innovator in contemporary interior furnishings, solutions for healthcare environments and related technologies and services. With headquarters in Michigan, manufacturing facilities in the United States, China, Italy and the United Kingdom and sales offices, dealers, licensees and customers in over 100 countries.


Modern technology means many of us either work from home from time to time, or at least spend quite a few hours in front of the computer. My back plays up a bit so having a comfortable chair is one of my priorities.  I’ve had a Herman Miller Mirra 2 chair at home now for over 2 months and I love it.


What I love the most about the Mirra 2 chair are all the possible options to adjust it. Of course you can adjust the height but it’s things like the seat depth, arm height, depth, angle and width that makes it exceptional. Castors can also be chosen depending on the surface the chair will be on.


There is also a wide choice of colours to choose from for the seat material and the back finish. I decided to go for light blue for the seat material and fog for the back finish . It’s such a beautiful chair that I thought a bright colour would make it more justice. Who wants a black chair anyway?


So much detail has gone into the design of the Mirra 2, you can see why it’s so special.  It’s more like a piece of high end design than a normal office chair. I am absolutely delighted with it, I can sit on hours on end and my back doesn’t suffer for it. It’s super comfortable, what else can you ask for on an office chair?

The Mirra 2 is not cheap, but worth the money if you want to invest in a comfortable and stylish chair for your office.

*Herman Miller very kindly sent me a Mirra Chair but all opinions are my own

7 thoughts on “Herman Miller Mirra 2 Chair Review

  1. Omg that is SO amazing that Herman Miller sent you a chair!!!! Their chairs are not cheap :) I used to have one at work - just a plain black one though :) Wouldn't mind Herman Miller sending me one to use at home, lol! :)
    1. Yes, I am very grateful to Herman Miller for sending me the chair. I think it's good to have a review from a home user point of view as there might be many people looking to buy one.
  2. Oh my goodness, just look how stylish it is!! I really love it and the colour too, plus it looks so very comfy X #HomeEtc
  3. Amazing — it's SUCH an iconic brand isn't it? But weirdly, I don't associate them with office chairs!! When I think of Herman Miller I think of their amazing Noguchi table!!! It's something that I have always, always wanted but never been able to afford. Just fabulous!! :) Cx #HomeEtc

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