Halloween, Alice in Wonderland & loft update | My weekly round up

Another week has gone by and we are getting closer to the end of they year.  Can you believe Christmas is less than two months away?

Of course, the most exciting thing this week has been Halloween – love it or hate it, there is no escape! Halloween seems to be getting bigger and bigger in the UK. I love the community spirit around it though; it’s great to see the streets filled with kids and most of the houses decorated.

I’m also going into week 9 of my loft extension, fingers crossed we only have another 3 weeks to go. I’m sure the loft would be finished by now if the builders came every day! At this stage of the build they only seem to come round once or twice a week, so there isn’t much progress on a daily basis. The plastering was done last week and it all looks nice and smooth, the loft looks like a proper room now.

This week I ….


I loved watching the The final of the Great British Bake off. It was a disappointing final, I didn’t think any of the 3 finalists were that great and none of the final show-stoppers were that amazing But then again, they are all better bakers than me. Not sure how I’m going to fill my Tuesday evenings now that the final is over.


A Halloween costume of course! I thought I’d join the boys and dress up too. It was a fun night going trick or treating, and who doesn’t love an excuse to dress up?

I’ve also been wearing my bright blue handbag. I’m not keen on autumnal colours, I much prefer wearing brights all year round, so this bag is perfect to inject a bit of colour to these cold days.

Weekly Round up


Cookies… yes, it seems like I’m always baking cookies, I promise I can bake other things! We have a bake sale for charity at work this week so I thought I’d make something nice and quick to take with me. After all, everybody likes cookies.

Weekly round up

Weekly round up

And finally

On Saturday we went to an “Alice in Wonderland” themed birthday party for a 5 year old. The food, drinks and decorations were set up in true Alice in Wonderland style and they looked great. A lot of attention to detail went into organising it. I wished I was that organised and would love to do something like this for my boys’ birthday or mine but who am I kidding… It will never happen! I’m one of those people that arranges everything last minute, even though every year I tell myself I’d be super-organised next time!

Weekly Round up


Weekly Round up

Weekly Round up

Weekly Round up

How’s your week been? Hope you had a good one.

5 thoughts on “Halloween, Alice in Wonderland & loft update | My weekly round up

  1. I love your handbag - the colour is beautiful!! Ah how cool are your Halloween costumes. I would love to be one of those organised creative Mums when it comes to parties - unfortunately I'm not!! Have a great week lovely x
  2. Those decoration are so cool, I have just bought some straws to personalise might do this, the cookies look delicious. I bet your builders are driving you mad they would me ! Cant wait to see it all finished and love your bag the colour is fab x
  3. I love your handbag. It looks so striking against your beautiful red coat. I love how people here are getting on board with Halloween these days. The amount of effort some people put in is just brilliant. Hope your builders hurry up and get your loft finished soon x

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