Father’s day in Waddesdon Manor

We usually go to Waddesdon Manor a couple of times a year as my in laws live about one hour away so it’s a bit of a meeting point for all of us.


Waddesdon Manor  is an impressive French style Chateau house that  has massive grounds but my children’s favourite is the woodland’s playground.

The playground is fantastic, it has plenty of equipment for young children , and  a mesh swing, contour slide  and  zip wire for the older ones. There is plenty of space for them to run around, climb up and down the slope and enjoy the surroundings.


We went on Father’s day but  we did not know the  Feast Festival was taking place on the grounds, so it was extremely busy, there must have been hundreds of people there.

The Feast Festival is inspired in a historical event where the Baron of Rothschild, the original owner of the house, invited  locals of Waddesdon and other  villages close by to come in and enjoy a picnic on the grounds.

There were food and drink stalls with space to sit down in lovely decorated tables or plenty of space for people to have picnics.flores

It was a lovely day and the kids loved it. We were one of the last ones to leave so I managed to get some pictures when it had all quieted down.


If you are not too far from the area I definitely recommend Waddesdon for a day out with children. It’s not only an ideal place for adults to spend the day, with a couple of lovely places to eat, but they also run events throughout the year.





If you are not too far from the area I definitely recommend a day out in Waddesdon?

Have you been to Waddesdon? Did you go to the Feast Festival? What did you think?

7 thoughts on “Father’s day in Waddesdon Manor

  1. How funny. We go to Waddesdon all the time. I wrote a review about what a fantastic day out with children it is. We love the woodland playground and often have tea and cake afterwards. Such a beautiful place and I love you picture. X
    1. What a coincidence! I need to check your review. It's a lovely day for the kids, isn't it? The coffee shop is a favourite of us too.

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