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I thought I’d share with you my summer sale bargains. I haven’t bought many things this year but I am very pleased with my purchases as I will definitely be wearing them a lot.


Banana Republic Jumpsuit  (now sold out)

I had been looking for a jumpsuit for quite a while but it wasn’t easy finding one as I have short legs. Normal length ones looked huge on me and “midi” ones looked a bit funny and made me look disproportioned. I was in Banana Republic browsing the petite section when I saw this one.


Banana Republic Jumpsuit

I had my heart set on getting a colourful one but I decide to try this one anyway and it fitted perfectly.

I love BR as they have an excellent petite section and their prices are very good especially towards the end of the sales. This was £29.99 reduced from £75.




Reiss  Laguna Handbag in Apricot

I love Reiss handbags, they are beautiful and they are very good quality. I had seen this bag at the beginning of the year and had fallen in love with it, but I decided not to get it as I already have too many bags. It’s also suede and light coloured so I thought it’d get dirty easily.

When the sales first started I saw that it was reduced but I decided to wait. Luckily for me it was still there a couple of weeks later and it had been reduced even more. I also had an extra 10% code so ended up getting it for £53 which I think it’s a bargain as it was originally £165


Reiss Bag


Jaeger Miller Bag

I must confess that I have never shopped at Jaeger before, I have always considered it a bit of a “mature” ladies shop but I saw this bag on a window display and loved it.



Jaeger Miller Bag


I waited a bit to see if the bag got reduced in the sales and decided to get it when I saw that had been reduced from £225 to £75. I love the colour; it is gorgeous and the quality is amazing. The bag feels like it’s really expensive and I am sure I will get a lot of wear out of it.

When I went to the shop to pick it up, had ordered it online, I was pleasantly surprised at the lovely clothes and accessories they have at Jaeger, so not just for “mature” ladies….

What do you thing of these purchases? Have you got anything in the sales?

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6 thoughts on “Fashion | Summer Sale Bargains

  1. Great jumpsuit and I am loving your purse!Thank you for being a part of TBT Fashion link up and hope to see you Thursday.Alice

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