2016 blogging goals

I thought I’d share with you my blogging goals for 2016, this blog is only 8 months old but I think it will be good to set some goals now and revisit them at the end of the year.

Blogging Goals



Try to post more than once a week

I work full time and I have a young family so time is not on my side! At the moment I post once a week, sometimes even twice but I’d like to post more often. I guess I will have to be more organised to make sure I keep this up.This is probably the most important of all my blogging goals.

 Grow my social Media 

Social media is crucial to get your blog out there and I must say I haven’t been paying too much attention to mine. I love Instagram, I can spend hours browsing through accounts but somehow I haven’t been posting frecuentyly enough to get a decent number or followers,I hope to end up 2016 with over 1,ooo followers.

Facebook is another social media channel that I have a bit abandoned. I use my personal account a lot but I hardly use it to promote my blog.

Join more photography projects/ improve my photography

I love photography, it’s one of the reasons I decided to start a blog. I really want to take more pictures and make sure I capture our days out and the boys growing up. I love picking up my camera and taking pictures when we are out and about, although I don’t find it so appealing now that the weather is so cold!.

Produce some more fashion posts

Fashion is something I have always been very interested in and I’d really like to do more fashion posts in the blog. I am quite conscious about it as I know I am not the youngest, prettiest, tallest out there and maybe no one will want to read them but I might just give it a try. I am heading towards mid 40’s (gulp..!) and I know there are a lot of ladies of my age out there interested in fashion.

Attend a blogging conference and or meet other bloggers

I have never met any bloggers nor attended a blogging conference. I’d like to attend one this year to do a bit of networking and meet in person some of the other bloggers I have been interacting with in the past few months.

Embrace the opportunities

I’ve had some interesting opportunities offered to me through this blog, especially the past couple of months. I find this a bit daunting and keep doubting if I can do things properly or not, I think I need to be more confident and value myself a bit more. I hope I can carry on working with more interesting companies in 2016.

So here are my blogging goals for this year. What do you think of them? Are you a blogger, if so what are your goals? If you are a reader, what are you interested in reading about?

14 thoughts on “2016 blogging goals

    1. Thanks. Good luck with trying to post twice a week, I think it's hard to find the time especially if you work
  1. I've got a young family too & finding the time to dedicate to the blog is so difficult. We need extra hours in the day please! Which conferences do you have your eye on? I've not been to any before but am attending Blogtacular this year. I can not wait!
    1. I was thinking of Britmums but it's my partners birthday that day so not sure what to do now. Where is Blogtacular?
  2. I think these are great goals! I should try do the consistency one as well - I do usually post min once a week but would like to do 3 per week. It is tricky though as I'm in the same boat with a full time job and a young family!
  3. This is a fab list of blogging goals for the year! It sounds like you've made a great start in your first 8 months, this is a lovely little blog and I think youre doing a great job managing to post once or twice a week. I've been blogging for 3 years and thats about as much as I manage too because I also have a really young family. I cant wait to see and how how you get on, it would lovely to see you link up to Marvellous Mondays each week if you can :-). Emily #MarvMondays

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