Spanish Children Clothes

When it comes to Spanish fashion Zara is probably the first name that comes to mind  but Spain has always be a very important textile producer country and there  are many other successful brands.

There are many Spanish children brands that are doing really well worldwide but for some reason they are not so well known in the UK, not sure why, but I guess price might be an important factor and maybe style, Spanish children clothes are more formal than British ones.

I will be introducing you here to some of my favourite brands

Spanish Children Clothes

Zara Kids

Zara is one of the biggest retailers in the world with over 5,000 stores in 85 countries, they are part of the Inditex group and as mentioned above they are probably the best known brand of all the ones I am listing here.

Zara’s strategy involves stocking very little and updating collections quite often, and unlike other brands that only update once a season, Zara restocks with new designs twice a week.

They offer on trend collections at an affordable price.  Their kids range go from newborn to 14 years. I personally love their Mini collection 0 – 9 months, it’s super cute!


TucTuc was founded in 1994 and they have 59 shops worldwide. They were pioneers in online shopping, launching their online shop in 2009 when not many other Spanish brands were doing it.

Originality, colour of their designs and their excellent quality are their main selling points.  This is why they are one of my favourite brands, their clothes are really colourful, even boys’ ones!

Tuc Tuc also have a nursery and accessories range which is quite popular in Spain.



Probably one of the few Spanish brands known in the UK. They don’t have shops here but they are stocked by a few online retailers.

Mayoral was founded in 1941 so it has a long history in Spain, I remember wearing their clothes as a little girl. Their clothes are absolutely beautiful and are of great quality.

Look at the pictures below, aren’t they gorgeous?




Nanos is the most expensive of the 4 brands mentioned here.

They are the only Spanish children’s brand stocked in Harrods and they have a stand alone shop in Notting Hill. They dress royalty and celebrities and their clothes are very smart, they also have a “special occasions” range with outfits suitable for weddings, first communions, etc.nanos3


What do you think of these brands? Do you know any of them? Which one do you like? Do you like Spanish children clothes?



5 thoughts on “Spanish Children Clothes

  1. Hola!! I only know Zara from this list even though I have lived in Madrid for 1 year but I did'n't have kids back then. They all look lovely though, ;-) gracias por compartir! xx #TwinklyTuesday
    1. Gracias por tu comentarion. I guess you need to have kids to know the other brands, but check them out, they are really nice
  2. I find it so interesting what brands exist in different countries. I haven't heard of any of these brands, but I live in the US and probably haven't heard of many American brands either! The clothes are just adorable! Thanks for linking with #TwinklyTuesday.
    1. Thanks a lot for your reply. Yes, I think apart from Zara none of the other ones are available in the US.

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