Paradise Club & Spa Hotel in Menorca

Last month we spent a week in Menorca in the resort of Cala N’Bosch. Menorca is perfect for families, it’s a small island, not too built up and relatively quiet.

We stayed at the Paradise Club & Spa Hotel which is part of the Mar Hotels Chain, we decided to stay there because of the facilities, and also because it is very close to the marina and the beach.

It wasn’t our first time in Menorca, we had been a few times and always had a great time. It’s a beautiful island with gorgeous beaches.

Paradise Club & Spa Hotel

Paradise Club & Spa Hotel in Menorca


Paradise Club & Spa Hotel has 3 pools, one of them a splash pool, which is where we spent most of our time, a big one suitable for families and a “quiet” one.

The splash pool was of course the most popular one and it’s where the kids wanted to be all day. My kids especially enjoyed being there towards the end of the day, when they switched off the water slides and it was a bit quieter.

Paradise Club & Spa Hotel MenorcaParadise Club & Spa Hotel Menorca


Pre children we would have never contemplated the idea of going all inclusive but these days it’s the ideal option for us.

The food from the buffet was excellent, quite a big choice for everybody and they even had a chocolate fountain one evening much to the kids delight.

For those that didn’t want to have lunch in the restaurant, there was a burger bar next to one of the pools.

Being all inclusive meant the kids could have as many ice creams, drinks and of course slush as they wanted


The hotel’s kids club was run by Thomas Cook, they had two different groups  3 –7 and 8 -11. The kids went nearly every day to at least one session and they really enjoyed it, this meant we had 2 and a half hours to ourselves.

The hotel also had it’s own entertainment  with daily activities for children and adults

Paradise Club & Spa Hotel

We had a one bedroom apartment which was big enough for the 4 of us, but it was a bit dated, the bathroom had a bath with a shower and it also had a separate shower which always flooded the floor whenever we used it.  This wasn’t a big deal for us and we really enjoyed our stay at the hotel.  Your priorities really change when you holiday as a family, especially with young children and the Paradise Club & Spa Hotel was perfect for us.

Overall it was a fantastic holiday, we all really enjoyed ourselves and the kids keep asking when are we going back again

Would we go back to the same place? Definitely, although I’d like to try and explore a different part of the island.

Paradise Club & Spa Hotel Menorca

Have you been to Menorca? Did you like it?  Have you been to the Paradise Club & Spa hotel?

5 thoughts on “Paradise Club & Spa Hotel in Menorca

  1. I've never been to Menorca but would love to one day. Like you we never even considered all inclusive but we went on one last year and it was great! #twinklytuesday
    1. Thanks for your comment. I think all inclusive is the way to do it with kids, or at least with mine that are fussy eaters
  2. Aaah I LOVED Menorca when I was a little girl!! It's the one holiday destination that really sticks in my head — the place I loved the best was called Arenal d’en Castell — it had THE most beautiful beach. This was YEARS ago so it may have changed now but, all those years ago, it was fairly uncommercialised and quiet. It was beautiful. Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday — hope to see you again next week! xCaro |
    1. I know Arenal is still a popular resort but I haven't been there. It's still fairly quiet, that's why we like going there, perfect to go with the kids

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