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We moved to our house 7 years ago. One of the reasons we bought it was the potential it had and the various possibilities to extend it. Now that my 5 year old is quickly outgrowing the box room the extension plans are not so much a dream but more a necessity. As much as I hate mess and the idea of living in a building site, I also love the idea of planning and designing what our space will be like.

These are some essentials in my wish list

Walk in wardrobe

Who doesn’t love a walk in wardrobe? It’s every girls dream, right? I’d love to have enough space to have a big one but realistically, as I don’t live in a mansion I’m not sure I will. I’d be happy with anything big enough to house my handbags – I have a big collection – and all of my clothes and shoes. I’ve created a Pinterest board for a bit of inspiration.



I’m used to Spanish blinds which leave your room in complete darkness so blackout blinds are a must for me. I’m planning on having skylights on the roof so these would be ideal. They are made of dirt – resistant polyester with a special heat blocking coating on the back to retain heat in the room in winter and reflect solar heat in summer. They can also be remote controlled and electrically operated and come in a wide variety of colours.


Loft Inspiration

 Chaise longue

One of the benefits of moving into a room in the loft is that it will be a child free area – or as much as it can be when you have an 8 and a 5 year old. I’d love to go bold and get a nice brightly coloured velvet chaise longue. Budget permitting, I’d love one these from Made that can be customised in different colours and styles.

Loft Inspiration

If not, I’d have to settle for one of these love tubs from Oliver Bonas, again in a bold colour. Loft spaces are not usually huge so having a bold piece of furniture would make a great focal point.Loft Inspiration


En suite

No loft conversion will be complete without a en suite bathroom. When I moved to my house it had been recently renovated by the previous owners so I could not justify any renovations. This is one of the reasons why I’m looking forward to planning my en suite bathroom. I’ll be going for a modern, contemporary look, something that won’t look dated in a couple of years, which is always my worry. Moroccan and Mediterranean style tiles are everywhere at the moment and they are great to introduce some exotic flair in any bathroom. Good storage is indispensable, something that will house all my pots and lotions.

Of course I’ve also created another Pinterest board, have a look if you are looking for bathroom inspiration.

These are some of the essentials for my loft conversion, although there are lots of other bits in pieces to think about but I leave those for another post. Let me know if you have any tips or suggestions of any Pinterest boards to follow.


*Post written in collaboration with Velux



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