Potty Training – Part Two

One word to describe our first two days of potty training: Disaster

The boy totally refuses to sit in the potty, in fact we have 3 different potties, a trainer seat, a portable potty, you name it, we have it and we tried them all.

We tried bribing him with stickers, cookies, chocolate and he still won’t sit or contemplate doing it. By the end of the weekend and after endless incidents we were all exhausted and very stressed.

Nursery are taking over for the week now, they keep saying it’s ok and they will give it a go, but to be honest I am not very confident. Daddy is ready to throw the towel already, aren’t men useless?, but I really think we need to keep at it for a few weeks before giving up.

People keep telling he has to be ready. I think he is ready, he is 3 and I think he is aware, but he is stubborn and also a bit lazy, he keeps saying he is a baby and wants to keep wearing nappies, of course we keep telling him he is a big boy and big boys don’t wear nappies

I have done this before with my other son, but I don’t remember it being so difficult. I just hope we are just having a bad start and things will improve towards the end of the week.

Please tell me I am not the only one that has had a disastrous first few days.


Potty Training… Part 1

This weekend I will mainly be potty training……

My 5 year old was potty trained a couple of months after he was 2, it was easy, he was interested and we managed to do it after a couple of weeks.

I now think it’s time to start with my 3 year old, the only problem is that even though he knows he is going to do a poo, and he can let us know in advance , he will not sit in the toilet, or potty, or trainer seat..  He just refuses

I have told him I will be giving him stickers and little treat whenever he uses the potty but he just doesn’t want to talk about the subject… he says he is a baby and not a big boy..


Wish me luck….

Any tips?

Children’s Art

Having two young children in the house means we have endless bits of “art” everywhere. My eldest is always asking for blank pieces of paper to do some drawing and colouring, my youngest comes from nursery every week with more pieces of art and frankly I don’t know what to do with all those bits. I have started putting the nicest things in a folder and the idea is to keep it  for when they are older, just like my parents have done with my stuff.

Art collage

The other day my son came from nursery with this really nice painting, it was on done on a black card and it had nice colours and a bit of glitter, so I decided to get a frame and see how it looked.  I bought a white frame and look at the result.

I think it looks stunning, and I it looks like something done by an abstract artist…. Tate Modern anyone?


I am now going through my eldest son’s old stuff to see if I can find something on black card to do the same thing and have them both on the wall.

I think these will also make great Christmas presents for the grandparents, don’t you think?

Do you do anything with your children’s art?

Holiday Time – Kids Wheelie Bags

Kids Wheelie bags are excellent to carry all the toys, colouring books, electronic devices, snacks and all the other bits  children want to take with them on holiday.Long gone are the days of plain boring bags, there are now  lot’s of different  colourful and cute options in the market, see a small selection below.

Kids Suitcases

1.LittleLife Clownfish Duffle £39.99; 2. Samsonite Sammies Dreams Turtle £69; 3.Cutie Bumble Bee Hard Shell Case £49.99;4.Skip Hop Little Kid Rolling Luggage £39 5. Penny Scallan Junior Whelie Bag £39.99 . LittleLife Ladybird Wheelie Duffle £39.99

My kids have the LittleLife Clownfish and Ladybird and they love them. They always get a lot of comments on how cute the cases are, they are not only cute but lightweight and practical

What do you think about kids wheelie bags?

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