My Sunday Photo 7.12.15

A very excited boy on the way to see Father Christmas.

Audley End Miniature Railway Christmas Special


My sunday photo 29.11.15

It’s that time of the year when we are all counting down to Christmas.

Audley End Miniature Railway

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My Sunday Photo 22.11.15

This is one of my favourite pictures of 2015 so far.

It was taken earlier in the year in my home town. My boys and daddy were the only people on the beach and I just love the atmospheric look of bit, love that you can really feel the coldness and mistiness of the day.

Sunday Photo


London on a budget with kids

London is one of the most expensive cities in the world, so spending time out as a family could end up being quite pricey.

Here are my suggestions of things to do in London with kids, there are plenty of inexpensive or cheap things to do in the capital that are perfect for families.


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My Sunday Photo 15.11.15

I love the colours of this picture and the contrast with the background.

It’s hard to get the kids to stay still long enough to get a decent shot but I  think this is perfect and really shows a happy boy.

2015-11-15 17.47.27


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