Cheerz Mosaic Poster Review

I have always been a bit obsessed with photography. Pre digital I used to be extremely organized and I used to keep my photographs in photo albums ordered by date. I also used to file and label all my negatives so they could be found easily in case I ever wanted to reprint any of my pictures.

Fast forward to the digital era and I have become a bit lazy. I keep meaning to print my photos but I have so many that I really don’t know where to start from. I have been thinking of doing a picture wall in my kitchen but somehow I haven’t found the time yet or the motivation to start it… This is until I discovered Cheerz.

Cheerz Mosaic Poster Review

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The perfect coffee table

If you are a regular reader  of this blog you have probably seen my living room revamp, here. The room is nearly finished but there are still a few things I need to get, like artwork, new cushions and a coffee table.

At the moment I have an old Ikea coffee table that I´ve had for about 10 years, it has really seen better times, and it’s now a bit too big for our current living room.  My idea is to get a small table or nest of tables that we can put to one  side whenever we don’t need them or whenever we have people round.

I really don’t want a coffee table that is too expensive -I do have young children after all, and even if they have a room to play in they still spend a bit of time in the living room.

1/ Dwell Lift Up Compact Coffee Table

I really like this table, it´s quite compact and it has a bit of storage space which is perfect for hiding remote controls, coasters, etc. I also love the metal legs, they make the table look very modern, I think this will be perfect for my living room.

This table is £249

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My living room makeover

We moved to our house a bit more than 5 years ago, at the time we had an 11 month old baby and we were adamant we didn’t want a project so we bought a house that was in perfect condition.

The house had been renovated by the previous owners but for some reason they never touched the living room, they just never spent any time in it, so it really was in need of attention.

A few months ago we decided it was time to tackle the room and do all the changes we had been thinking of doing for years. The living room was really not very inviting, it had a modern “hole in the wall ” fireplace and a really old and tatty carpet, it was really in need of a makeover.

Living room makeover

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Interiors | Key decorative pieces for my living room

We’ve recently had a living room make over, the old living room was tired and tatty and it really needed a bit of a revamp. The living room is now finished (post on that to follow) and we now need to start decorating it.

I wanted to share with you a few of the key decorative pieces we have got for the room so far.

1/ Carnival Light  I am a bit obsessed with anything personalized, I also love letters and if I could my house will be full of them.

Key Furniture Pieces in my living room

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