A (very) beginner’s guide to distressing furniture

Today I bring you a guest post on shabby chic, distressing furniture written by my friend Laura, I hope you enjoy reading it. Do pop over to her blog to check some more interesting posts: www.lizziesroom.co.uk

Up-cycling. Shabby Chic. Vintage DIY. Whatever you want to call it, with workshops springing up all around the country, antique chalk paint flying off the shelves and the likes of Pinterest flooded with posts depicting old-but-new-but dull-but bright chests of drawers, bedside cabinets and coffee tables; breathing new life in to worn out (and sometimes pretty ugly) furniture is big business at the moment.

I recently visited a friend of mine on maternity leave who seemingly had an excess of time on her hands (this was most certainly not my experience of having a new baby, but that’s a topic for another day…) who enthused about her new found hobby of restoring old furniture ‘in the French style’, as she (haughtily) put it. She waxed lyrical about how it was “a piece of piss” and how she was making hundreds from doing up these tired old pieces of junk she was picking up for a tenner. I was intrigued; if she could do it with a babe in arms and running on two hours of sleep a night, then surely I could do it too.

I went out the very next day and purchased my materials. ‘Start up costs are inevitable, think of it as an investment‘ I told myself, wincing as I handed over my (already badly abused) credit card. I bought several tins of antique chalk paint, and electric sander, countless rollers and brushes, top quality furniture wax, amongst several other (mostly tat) items. Again, an ‘investment’. I then (rather misguidedly) emptied out the tired (but perfectly fit for purpose) bedside tables in my spare bedroom and set to work.

Distressing furniture2

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