World Book Day & Hibernating | My weekly round up

Oh hello and welcome to my weekly round up. I haven’t updated much recently because we’ve spent the past couple of weekends hibernating, spending quite a bit of time at home. We are all a bit lazy you see; we have long days at work and the boys have long days at school and after school club, so if the weather’s not great we are happy to stay indoors and chill. This only happens for a couple of months of the year, and then it’s all systems go once spring comes.

It was World Book Day this week and of course the kids had to dress up for school. We seem to have endless dressing up days, Victorian Day, Roman Day, there always seems to be something, and I think it puts a lot of pressure on the parents and kids. Luckily my children are happy to dress as Harry Potter – in a third year running- so I’ve been able to recycle their outfits from previous years. I’m sure I didn’t have that many dressing up days when I was at school!

World book day

This week we’ve also nearly finished painting our loft room, the progress is a bit slow as we are doing it ourselves and only have evenings and weekends to do it; we are not in too much of a rush to finish it anyway. We still have quite a bit to do before we move in – need to get curtains and some furniture. Having a room in the loft creates a lot of space but you need to be creative when it comes to storage as it’s a bit more limited.

Loft room


Loft update


As usual we are a bit late to the party, but we’ve just discovered Line of duty. Not sure how we missed it first time round. We are trying to catch up and get up to date before the latest season starts. We are about to finish season 2 and it’s great quite fast paced which is something I like (I get bored really easily)


I got this Monsoon jacket in the Christmas sales and I’ve been wearing it non stop the past couple of weeks. It’s great to wear to the office as it’s quite smart but it’s also perfect to wear at the weekend with jeans in a more casual look. You know how much I love red so this is perfect for me and I think I will get a lot of wear out of it. I’m trying to be a better shopper these days, buy less, but better quality items that will last a bit longer.  This jacket is one of them, I hope!

Monsoon jacket

On my hair

If you are a regular reader you probably know that I’ve been following the curly girl method for quite a while now. I’ve recently been experimenting with clay masks – you can read all about it here – and they’ve been amazing for my hair, leaving my curls in great condition. Whenever I have any mixture left I use it as a facial mask; clay cleans impurities so it leaves my skin really clean and refreshed.

curly girl method

3 thoughts on “World Book Day & Hibernating | My weekly round up

  1. Your curls look amazing, I did in and out of curly girl which is totally the wrong thing to do, but I do love having straight days too! You loft room is amazing that window is spectacular, I bet you cant wait to get moved in! And we are the same at the moment full on hibernation mode at most weekends x
  2. I love the colour of your walls in your loft room, and I bet you can't wait to have it all finished. I feel the same at this time of year, I am quite happy to hibernate and chill out indoors x

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