Half term in Tenerife and going back to work | My weekly round up

Hello, How was your week? I can’t believe we are already half way through the year, doesn’t time fly?

We got back from Tenerife on Monday after spending half term there. It was nice and hot and we had a great time. It was great waking up to clear blue skies every day. Why can’t the weather be like this in the UK?

Holidays are a bit easier now the children are getting older and we don’t have to be watching them all the time. The kids spent hours playing in the pool or participating in some of the hotel activities, and I even managed to read a couple of books which hasn’t happened during a holiday for ages.

Sunlight Bahia Principe Tenerife

Sunlight Bahia Principe Tenerife

Sunlight Bahia Principe Tenerife

Going back to work after a week off has been a bit of a shock and the four days in the office have felt really long. It’s been a case of the holiday blues big time. Our next holiday at the end of August feels like a long way away but it’s nice to have something to look forward to.

This week I…


Dresses, dresses and dresses, it’s all I’ve been wearing on holiday. I love dresses but I feel like I don’t wear them enough when I’m at home. I’ve also been wearing all my accessories and basket bags. I’m looking forward to summer starting so I can wear all these at home too.


This week I’ve been catching up with Chernobyl. It’s a gripping drama, really grey and depressing. It makes you realise what a major disaster it was and how much worse it could have been for Europe. It’s been quite interesting to hear a bit more about the story behind it and I can’t even imagine how awful it must have been for the people affected.


Our new bed should be delivered in the next couple of weeks so we should finally be ready to move into our loft room very soon. We finished the works at the beginning of the year but we are still in our old bedroom. Funny how the builders leave but you are left with lots of bits and pieces to finish and decorate. We have a huge fitted wardrobe in our current bedroom so we don’t need  much furniture, unfortunately we won’t have that much storage space we will have in the loft room so to start with we will have to buy a chest of drawers and eventually try to get a wardrobe built in in one of the walls.

How was your week? I hope you had a good one.

5 thoughts on “Half term in Tenerife and going back to work | My weekly round up

  1. Oh look at that blue sky!!! I love your dresses I feel like I have barely worn any so far this year. I always get the holiday blues - each year they seem to last longer. August will be here before you know it!
  2. Your holiday pictures are beautiful. I can see why you were craving it.I have yet to watch Chernobyl but heard good things.Love that Pompom bag. Pom-poms make everything better.
  3. It looks like you had a lovely time, that blue sky is amazing. I'm hoping our summer comes back. I love your straw bag!
  4. I so want to go back to Tenerife after watching your stories, we are so in need of a little sunshine. I love your dresses, hopefully the weather is going to pick up again. And on my goodness Chernobyl was horrific, its so frightening how something can happen so easily x

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