Garden Lighting Inspiration under £30

We all start dreaming of spending more time in the garden now that the days are getting longer and the weather is getting warmer. Every year I have visions of alfresco dinners or just evenings sitting outside once the kids have gone to bed. Unfortunately English summers are not like Spanish ones and those days are a bit sparse, still it’s great making the most of the weather.

I love how lovely gardens look lit up in the early evening.  I have a lot of solar lights spread all over my garden but I find some of them stop working after a couple of years, especially if they are not of great quality, so I am always on the look out for new ideas.

Here is some garden lighting inspiration, all different styles and the best thing is they are all under £30.

 Garden lighting inspiration

1/ Solar Small Colour Changing Sphere £28    

2/ Hanging Lantern £15  

 3/ Solar LED Fairy Jar Lights £7    

4/ Wire Pillar Candle Lantern £18    

5/ Solar Glass Light Colour Changing £19.99  

6/Lantern Outdoor Multicoloured Solar Lights £15

1/ Solar Small Colour Changing Sphere £28  How cool are these?  They come in two sizes, small and large and they change into four different colours. These would look perfect scattered around the grass or maybe on a patio.

 2/ Hanging Lantern £15    A mixture of metal and glass and as they are not too big they could be displayed on top of a garden table. There is an option to hang them on  mini metal crooks and stake them on the garden. They have a very contemporary style and very on trend.

3/ Solar LED Fairy Jar Lights £7    This is a really cheap and effective way of decorating the garden. These could be hang of tree branches for an atmospheric look.

4/ Wire Pillar Candle Lantern £18  Also available in coral and  in a mini size. I’d love to buy a few of these and mix and match all over the garden.

 5/ Solar Glass Light Colour Changing £19.99   If you have gravel in your garden these texture glass lights might be ideal. The come in a pack of four and they are colour changing.

6/Lantern Outdoor Multicoloured Solar Lights £15  I have lights in this style hanging over the garden trellis and they look beautiful, especially when is pitch black. I leave mine out all year and they now have a bit of a “weather”look, but in my opinion that makes them look even better.

What do you think of all these options?  Which one is your favourite?

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11 thoughts on “Garden Lighting Inspiration under £30

  1. ouuu I love the summer. We spent so much time on the garden yesterday. I love garden lighting, I think I'd love some fairy lights in a tree! Thanks for sharing #FabFridayPost
    1. I think once the weather gets better we all start looking at ideas for the garden. There are so many options that is hard to choose! Thanks for your comment
    1. The terrarium is lovely, I have been toying with the idea of getting one for a while.... Thanks for hosting
  2. I don't know why but i have such a THING for garden lighting and pretty lights!!!!!! I love that kind of light at night. Great choices. Thanks for linking up and sharing, love jess xx#HomeEtc
    1. Same here, every year I have visions of us spending hours at night in the garden, but unfortunately the weather is never that great!
  3. There are some lovely suggestions here. I really like 1/ Solar Small Colour Changing Sphere - but I think Ethan and Evelyn will attempt climbing all over it though. lol!Thank you for linking up with us on #FabFridayPost x

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