Children’s Art

Having two young children in the house means we have endless bits of “art” everywhere. My eldest is always asking for blank pieces of paper to do some drawing and colouring, my youngest comes from nursery every week with more pieces of art and frankly I don’t know what to do with all those bits. I have started putting the nicest things in a folder and the idea is to keep it  for when they are older, just like my parents have done with my stuff.

Art collage

The other day my son came from nursery with this really nice painting, it was on done on a black card and it had nice colours and a bit of glitter, so I decided to get a frame and see how it looked.  I bought a white frame and look at the result.

I think it looks stunning, and I it looks like something done by an abstract artist…. Tate Modern anyone?


I am now going through my eldest son’s old stuff to see if I can find something on black card to do the same thing and have them both on the wall.

I think these will also make great Christmas presents for the grandparents, don’t you think?

Do you do anything with your children’s art?

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