Best Beauty Pie Products

I’ve mentioned my love for Beauty Pie before on the blog before, and been a great fan since I joined their subscription service earlier this year.  If you are new to Beauty Pie it can feel a bit overwhelming which products to buy first. This is why I thought I’d share their best products with you, at least in my opinion. These are the products I’ve repurchased many times and use on a regular basis 

Best Beauty Pie Products


This is probably my favourite Beauty Pie product. I gave it a try  after reading rave reviews and I can see why is so popular.  A cleansing balm that removes make up really easily, leaving the skin nourished and deeply hydrated. Once applied into the skin, it forms a milky film that needs to be removed with a warm damp cloth.  It has an amazing smell of apricot and really has a luxe feel to it. For me it beats many other more expensive balms out there.

Beauty Pie Best Products


This is the best moisturizing cream I’ve used in a long time. It’s very lightweight and gets absorbed into the skin really quickly.  I love how it can be use in the morning or at night, making the beauty routine easer. My skin feels hydrated and it’s the perfect base for make up.  I wish they did bigger pots of it as I go through quite a lot of it really quickly.

This is probably my favourite Beauty Pie product, the one I always stock up on just in case they decide to discontinue it or change the ingredients!


This is a great tinted moisturizer, it’s ideal for those that don’t want full coverage. I’ve been wearing it a lot the past few months when I wanted to have a bit of colour to my face and not necessarily wear full on make up. It’s very light and gives your skin a dewy glow.

Buying foundation online is always a bit tricky. I love seeing shades in real life before committing to buying any.  Beauty Pie has a ” find my shade” option on their site where you select what  shade you are in most major beauty brands and they will suggest their equivalent.


I’m 50 so I’m conscious that I’ve left it a bit too late to prevent the appearance of wrinkles but I’m determined not to let them get any worse.  Both retinol and vitamin C are proven to improve fine lines and wrinkles, and fade dark spots and pigmentation. Retinol is quite powerful so it’s recommend starting with a low concentration to help build skin’s tolerance to it. If you are new to it, start by using it every other day or a couple of times a week and then increase the frequency slowly.  My skin is used to retinol – I’ve used a different brands in the past – so I use this every evening.

I love the light texture of this, it’s not greasy and it’s easily absorbed by the skin. My skin is brighter and I have noticed a small improvement in my nose’s pigmentation after using it for a few months.


I’ve never used a facial peel before so I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first used this.  It’s got a similar texture to an exfoliator, a bit like a scrub but more on a gentle side.  It’s easy to rinse away and it leaves the skin feeling really clean and fresh. As the name suggests, it’s a five minute facial and these days, when we are spending most of our time at home, feels like a great treat.

These are the best Beauty Pie products n my opinion  They are the ones I’ve  bought many times and will be repurchasing over and over again.

If you want to  give Beauty Pie a try  you can use my referral link ( see here  ) and get your first month of membership free.  For transparency, if you use my referral link I get a £50 top-up to add to my membership allowance.

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    1. Hi, I am not sure,I haven't tried their hair products. I've had a look and I think the conditioners might be ok. There is a very useful site, Curlsbot ( where you put the ingredients of the product you are interested in using and it will let you know if it's curly girl approved or not, worth a try.

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