Beautiful candle designs | Because candles are not just for burning

Candles are an inexpensive way of adding a touch of luxury to your home. Not only they smell amazing but they also make your rooms look beautiful.

I love candles, they are one of those things that I can’t stop buying regardless of how many I have. I might not be able to afford designer goods but nothing makes me feel better than buying a nice, beautifully presented candle.

It is not all about the scent. I always get drawn towards nicely package candles which will look great in my living room.  I have put together a list of a few of my favourites:

1/ Mini Moderns – Whitby Candle Sea Spray

Mini Moderns is a London based interiors company that I discovered thanks to Instagram. They do have a wide range of products, cushions, wallpapers, fabrics and now also candles and diffusers.  I am a bit in love with their Whitby range, I love the nice coastal feel these candles have. I’m usually drawn to brighter colours but the blue in these really remind me of the sea. The candle design is really detailed and full on, just beautiful.

Candles Designs

2/ Tom Dixon – Fire

The glass, the colour and the gold printing make this candle a total luxurious one. As per it’s name, it really evokes fire and it looks amazing overall. It’s got a very sophisticated, even masculine, grown up feel.
Candle Design

3/ Anthropology – Succulent Candle

Succulents seem to be the plants of choice at the moment. This is not your usual looking candle, in fact it looks more like a trinket box. The base has got plenty of detail and the top is just beautiful. It just look like a pretty decorative ornament that could be placed on the mantelpiece.


Candle Designs


4/ Baobab Collection – Jungle Safari

An ordinary product that becomes extraordinary, this is what defines luxury – That’s the philosophy behind Baobab Collection and you can see why. A collection inspired by the wild nature of Africa, that really shows in the amazing design. This might not be to everybody’s taste but I love a bit of animal print -in moderation, of course.

Candle Designs

So these are some of my favourite designs but of course there are lot’s more out there. When it comes to plain simple packaging, my favourite are Winter by The White Company and Sugar Candle from Fresh.

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