Lessons learnt from our loft conversion

Ever since we bought our house 8 years ago we’ve been thinking of converting our loft. The thought of it has always been bit daunting, I know -we are not talking about a huge extension – but still, the fear of living in a mess was that made us put it off for a bit. In reality a loft conversion should be straight forward and easy, not as bad as other building work, and these days it’s usually completed in 8-10 weeks so the disruption is not that bad. Unluckily for us, our builders were not great – more about that later- so our loft conversion has taken about 14 weeks and it’s still not completed. We still have a couple of snagging bits to be done and then all the decorating.

This was our first time dealing with builders, it has been a learning curve and an experience that will be useful if we ever decide to do any other renovations at home.

I wanted to share with you the lessons we learnt from our loft conversion. Hopefully they will be handy if you are thinking of converting your loft at some point or if you are going through it at the moment.

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