Olympus Pen Accessories

A couple of months ago I wrote a review about the Olympus Pen E-PL7, (you can read it here) and I really wanted to follow it up with another post on accessories.

I am by no means an expert on this, but I’ve had the Olympus Pen for nearly a year now so I have done a bit of research on different bits and pieces to go with it. Of course there are a lot of other accessories, especially on the official Olympus page, but I thought it’d put a list together of my favourite ones.

Olympus Pen Accessories


If you like floral prints or love a girly look, the Cath Kidston Rosemoor Ditsy Printed Camera Strap is a perfect option. I know this might not be too everybody’s taste but I think this type of strap adds a fun touch to the camera.

Olympus Pen Accessories Sail England Retro option on the other hand, is a classic design based around the straps seen  in the 60/70’s. It is 100% handcraft from vegetable tanned leather and stitched using original 1960’s thread. It is available in three colours; black, natural and English tan. Even though I am not a massive retro lover I think these straps are gorgeous and give the camera a very trendy touch.

Olympus Pen Accessories


I have been “researching” Olympus camera cases even before I got my camea. I wasn’t extremely keen on the ones on the Olympus site and thought I’d try and find one I’d like a bit more. In the interim I made the mistake of buying a neoprene style one from a Chinese seller on Ebay. Needless to say the case doesn’t fit properly so it’s always a bit of a faff to keep the camera safe. Here are some better options

Ronnie Camera Bag from Accessorize, it’s not pricey at all and it comes in a few different colours and textures. I am not sure if the bigger lenses will fit on this case. I have the pancake lens, that is very compact and it will fit fine.

Olympus Pen Accessories

If you are looking for something a bit more stylish and handcrafted the Florence Box Bag by Sail is perfect. It is pricier than the Accessorize option but you can really see why. It is handmade to order and it looks gorgeous. It’s super stylish and it’s a great day bag.

Olympus Pen Accessories

The Olympus Leather Camera Shoulder Bag is an official Olympus option, although I haven’t seen it on the Olympus site. It has a padded interior and space for other accessories.Olympus Pen Accessories


I mentioned this adapter in my Olympus Pen review post.  I did get it a while back but I still haven’t used it. It is useful if you want to put the camera on a tripod and want to be to use the flip down screen to see yourself . This is mainly if you want to use your camera to film yourself or to take selfies, otherwise you won’t really need an adapter.

What do you think of these accessories? Are there any other you might recommend?



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